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3 Tips for Getting the Best Prescription Sunglasses

If you have a prescription for glasses, it can be a good idea to get prescription sunglasses as well. Prescription sunglasses will allow you to see when you are outside while also protecting your eyes from the sun. Here are four tips that will help you get the best prescription sunglasses.

#1: Always Update Your Prescription

The needs of your eyes change constantly. Sometimes your eyes improve, and other times your eyesight gets worse. If it has been around a year or more since you last updated your eyeglass prescription, you are going to want to go to your doctor and get an updated prescription. That way, your eyeglasses will meet your vision needs for the foreseeable future. You don't want to invest a lot of money in a set of prescription sunglasses with an old prescription that will not fit your vision needs.

#2: Get Your Pupillary Distance Measured

When you get an updated prescription, you need to get your pupillary distance measured. Make sure that this measurement is written on your prescription card. If you don't get your specific pupillary distance measured, when you order your glasses, the powers that be will just use a generic pupillary distance based on your age and gender. To make sure that your glasses fit as well as possible, you are going to want to get this measurement.

#3: Choose Material Based on Your Lifestyle

When choosing the types of lenses that you want for your prescription sunglasses, make sure that you choose a material that fits your lifestyle.

If you are really active and do a lot of work outside, you are going to want to get prescription sunglasses that are equipped with polycarbonate lenses. These lenses are resistant to impact, which means that they are not going to break if they fall off or get hit with some sporting equipment.

If you have a really strong prescription, you are going to want to go with high index lenses. These types of lenses are really light, and that makes them great for strong prescriptions that typically require thicker lenses. With high-index lenses, your strong prescription means that your sunglasses will not have to be coca-bottle thick; they can still look stylish and nice while providing you with the vision support that you need.

If you just have a regular prescription and don't work out or do a lot of outdoor adventure sports, you can just go with plastic lenses for your prescription sunglasses.

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