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Avoid These Big Mistakes When Choosing Eyeglass Frames for the First Time

You have your eyes checked out by the optometrist and for the first time learn that you are going to have to have glasses. Even though six out of every 10 people in the world either wear glasses, contacts, or have corrective surgery, the idea of joining the group can be a little off-putting at first. This is because choosing glasses means basically choosing an accessory that you will be wearing pretty much every day, and eyeglasses are easily an accessory that changes your appearance. If you are facing the task of choosing eyeglass frames for the first time, there are a few mistakes to avoid so you can assure you are happy with what you get.  

Mistake: Choosing glasses that are an odd color out of sheer novelty.

Why? You spot a pair of neon-green eyeglass frames, and you think: Wow, those would get a lot of laughs. While there are a lot of funky eyeglass frames available in totally crazy colors, picking something off the wall as your primary pair of glasses is not a good idea for most people. Eventually, the novelty of the oddly colored glasses will pass, and you will just be stuck with a pair of glasses that look odd with pretty much everything you wear. 

Mistake: Picking eyeglass frames too small for your face. 

Why? A lot of people fear that wearing eyeglasses is going to make them look older, so they go with the smallest frames they can find in hopes they will be less noticeable. However, if the glasses you choose are too small for the shape of your face, this tends to actually make you look older in the eyes of a lot of people. It is a better idea to go with frames that are suitably sized for your head and facial shape. 

Mistake: Not taking your time to try on several pairs of frames before picking. 

Why? When you first get to the eyewear store, you may feel overwhelmed with all the choices lined on the walls and displayed around you. Don't ever let picking a pair of frames be a rushed endeavor. Take your time in the eyewear center and ask advice from the associates working there about different brands, styles, and shapes. Try on several different types of glasses in varied styles and sizes to find a pair that you feel comfortable with. If it takes you an hour to pick out the right frames, this is perfectly fine and will probably mean that in the end you will be happier with what you get.